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The Verdict is in

Condemnation      1:18-3:20
Justification          3:21-5:21
Sanctification      6:1-8:39
I. The convicting points!
     A. ALL under sin. 9
     B. ALL under the Law. 19
     C. ALL mouths stopped. 19
     D. ALL held accountable. 19
     E. ALL cannot justify themselves. 20
II. The convicting proofs!
     A. Ungodly character. 10-12
          1. All unrighteous
          2. Do not understand God
          3. Do not seek God
          4. All have turned aside
          5. Together become worthless
          6. No one does good
     B. Unrighteous conduct. 13-17
          1. Throat
          2. Tongue
          3. Lips
          4. Mouth
          5. Feet
          6. Eyes
     C. Unjustified cause. 18
          There is no fear of God!
Next Steps:
     ~ I must understand the gravity of my sin!
     ~ I must understand the weight of my sin!
     ~ I must understand the totality of my sin!