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Treasuring Christmas in Your Heart

I. A troubled heart. Luke 1:29
II. A confused heart. Luke 1:29
III. A submissive heart. Luke 1:38
IV. A worshipful heart. Luke 1:46
V. A glad heart. Luke 1:47
VI. A humble heart. Luke 1:48
VII. An amazed heart. Luke 2:18
VIII. An attentive heart. Luke 2:19
IX. A reflective heart. Luke 2:19

Next Steps:

Treasuring Christmas in your heart …

  • commences with a humble, submissive heart.
  • continues with a believing, trusting heart.
  • centers on the God-man, Jesus.
  • carefully guards the truth of the Incarnation.
  • calls to mind a perpetual amazement of God’s grace!