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Soli Deo Gloria

Oct 29, 2017 by: Tom Hopewell| Series: The Five Solas

Reformation Stories:
Joyce Lewes
John Knox

Definition:  majesty, glory, splendor - it denotes “divine and heavenly radiance,” the “loftiness and majesty” of God, and even the “being of God” and His world. 
I. The King of Glory in Creation 1,2
II. The King of Glory in Redemption 3-6
III. The King of Glory in Exaltation 7-10
God’s Glory in Scripture
     1. In the Cloud
     2. In the Temple
     3. In the Living Word – Jesus Christ
     4. In the Body of Christ – The Church

So, how can I bring “glory” to God?

  • By my faith!
  • By my worship!
  • By all my activity of life!

 And so, here we stand . . .
               On the Word of God alone!
               In grace alone!
               Through faith alone!
               In Christ alone!
               For the Glory of God alone!