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Solus Christus

Oct 22, 2017 by: Tom Hopewell| Series: The Five Solas

Reformation Stories: John Rogers // Hugh Latimer & Nicholas Ridley
I. The Exclusive Identity of Christ.
     A. Image of the invisible God.
     B. Firstborn of all creation.
     C. Creator of all things.
     D. He is before all things.
     E.  He holds all things together.
     F. The Head of the Church.
     G. The Firstborn from the dead.
     H. All fullness of God dwells in Him.
     I. He is the Reconciler of all things.
II. The Ministry of Christ.
     A. The Offices of Christ.
          1. Prophet
          2. Priest
          3. King
     B. The Offering of Christ.
          1. Obedient to the Father’s plan.
          2. Substitutionary sacrifice for sin.
          3. The Just and the Justifier.

Here we stand . . . In grace alone!  Through faith alone!  In Christ alone!

The Shifting Sands of Time:






Build a solid Solus Christus in Sola Scriptura – based upon God’s Word, not man’s opinions!

Is Solus Christus more precious to you day by day?