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Sola Fide

Oct 16, 2017 by: Tom Hopewell| Series: The Five Solas

Reformation Stories: “After darkness, light.”
Martin Luther
John Calvin

Helpful definitions:
Justification: to declare righteous, holy, right
Sanctification: to be set apart from sin, to God
Imputation: the judicial crediting to one’s account
Redemption: to ransom, buy back, to set free, liberate
Propitiation:  satisfying sacrifice, God’s wrath is satisfied

“Justified before God!”
I. We are NOT justified by works. 20
II. We are justified apart from the Law. 21
III. We are justified by faith in Christ alone. 22
IV. We are justified by grace alone. 24 
V. We are justified by Christ’s sacrifice. 25
VI. We are justified by the Just Justifier. 26

Here we stand . . .
In grace alone!  Through faith alone!  In Christ alone!

Does sola fide still matter?
Yes – it reminds me that my standing and acceptance before God is entirely of the Lord!
Yes – it reminds me that my stand must be on the foundation of the Holy Word of God!
Yes – it reminds me that my stand is in the cherished hope in Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith!