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Why, O Lord?

August 27, 2017 Series: Habakkuk

Scripture: Habakkuk 1:12–2:20

I. Habakkuk’s second address to God. 1:12-2:1
     A. His proclamation.
          1. The affirmation of God’s character.
          2. The affirmation of God’s covenant.
     B. His perplexity: The Prophet turns his question from “How long?” to “Why them?”
     C. His prospect: I expectantly await your answer
II. God’s second answer to Habakkuk. 2:2-20
     A. God’s directive – Write!
     B. God’s description.
          1. He is sovereign.
          2. He is just.
     C. God’s declaration.
          1. Woe to the plunderer. 6-8
          2. Woe to the exploiter. 9-11
          3. Woe to the ruthless. 12-14
          4. Woe to the shameful. 15-17
          5. Woe to the idolater. 18-20 

Next Steps:
      ~ In troubling and uncertain times, find comfort in the character and nature of God!
      ~ In troubling and uncertain times, find comfort in the plans and purposes of God!

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