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Exodus: the Gospel in the Old Testament - Exodus 39:32-40:38

February 5, 2017 Series: Exodus: The Gospel in the Old Testament

Scripture: Exodus 39:32–40:38

The Gospel Themes in Exodus:
> The glory of God
> The salvation of God's people
> The Grace of God

I. The Inspecting of the Tabernacle (39:32-43)
     A. The completed work was presented to Moses
     B. Moses carefully observed the work
     C. Moses graciously blessed the work
II. Instituting of the the Tabernacle (40:1-33)
     A. The important date of the assembling
     B. The instructions of the assembling
     C. The ordination of the priesthood (Leviticus 8:1-36)
     D. The instituting of the sacrifices (Numbers 9:1-5)
III. The Indwelling of the Tabernacle (40:34-38)
     A. The glory of Yahweh's presence
     B. The glory of Yahweh's leading
Next Steps:
Apply the themes of Exodus daily:
     > Affirm and exult in the glory of God!
     > Repent and believe in the salvation of God's people!
     > Acknowledge humbly the Grace of God (Isaiah 66:1-2)