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Exodus: the Gospel in the Old Testament - Exodus 33:7-34:35

January 22, 2017 Series: Exodus: The Gospel in the Old Testament

Scripture: Exodus 33:7–34:35

Gospel Themse in Exodus:
> The Glory of God
> The Salvation of God's People
> The Grace of God

Show Me Your Glory!

I. God's Grace (33:7-23)
     A. The grace of His friendship (33:11)
     B. The grace of His presence (33:12)
     C. The grace of His favor (33:15)
     D. The grace of His glory (33:18)
II. God's Glory (34:5-9; 29-35)
     A. The proclamation (34:5-7)
     B. The product of His glory (34:8-9)
     C. The evidence of His glory (34:29-35)
III. God's Guarantee (34:1-4; 10-28)
     A. The reinstitution of the covenant (34:1-4)
     B. The restatement of the covenant (34:10)
     C. The response to the covenant (34:11-28)
Next Steps:
     > Humility - in the grace of God
     > Confidence - in the mercy of God
     > Worship - in the glory of God
     > Assurance - in the Gospel of God