We are now having one worship service on Sunday's, beginning at 9:15 am.  We have provided an overflow area to allow for more distancing, along with broadcasting our morning worship service to the parking lot via an FM transmitter.  Please contact the church office with any questions.    

Being Bold Because God Is There

January 15, 2017 Pastor: Lynford Regier

Scripture: Joshua 1:1–1:9

Help us to hear, listen, & obey Your Word.
I. A Major Transition/Change (Moses my servant is dead)
     It may not be fun, but God's in control.
II. A Major Preparation (Go over this Jordan)
     God already has the next step planned and is ready. God is still on the throne.
III. A Major Faith (Arise, Go)
     Joshua had to obey.
IV. A Major Provision (No man will stand before you)
     It is time to believe God. God is in charge. God
V. A Major Responsibilty (Divide an inheritance--the land)
VI. A Major Obedience (You're doing this in three days)
VII. A Major Conclusion (2 Timothy 4:6-8)