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Exodus: the Gospel in the Old Testament - Exodus 25:1-27:21

November 27, 2016 Series: Exodus: The Gospel in the Old Testament

Scripture: Exodus 25:1–27:21

Gospel Themes of Exodus
     > The Glory of God
     > The Salvation of God's People
     > The Grace of God

Israel's First Building Project
I. God's Design (25:19)
     A. The purpose - to focus attention of God, Himself
          1. A place
          2. A place that is God-centered (John 1:14)
     B. The communication - specific instructions to say to the people
     C. The funding - voluntary gifts, as their hearts moved them
     D. The materials - 14 components from the spoils of Egypt, Exodus 12:35-36, they gave and gave a lot. God provided materials that He would have them give.
II. God's Details (25:1-27:21)
     A. The pattern
          1. The perimeter (27:9-19)
          2. The interior (26:1-37)
     B. The furniture
          1. The ark of the Covenant (25:10-22)
          2. The table of showbread (25:23-30)
          3. The golden lamp stand (25:31-40)
          4. The bronze altar (27:1-8)
          5. The oil (27:20-21)
Go to the New Testament to Hebrews 9:1-28, where we see the connection between the tabernacle and Christ.
Next Steps:
Test yourself daily...
     > The focal point of worship is _______________.
     > The focal point of giving is _________________.
     > The focal point of obedience is _____________.