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Exodus: Series Introduction

September 11, 2016 Series: Exodus: The Gospel in the Old Testament

Scripture: Exodus 1:1–2:25

"From beginning to end, Exodus is a God-centered book, a theological history." -Ryken

Gospel themes of Exodus:
     > the Glory of God
     > the Salvation of God's people
     > the Grace of God
I. The connection to Genesis (1:1-7)
II. The oppression of Pharoah (1:8-22)
     A. Slavery
     B. Infanticide
III. The first 40 years (2:1-11) (Acts 7-Steven's sermon)
     A. The birth of Moses
     B. The training of Moses
IV. The second 40 years begins (2:12-22)
     A. The personal exodus of Moses
     B. The place of the exodus of Moses
Next Steps:
Exodus 2:23-25
     > God hears!
     > God remembers!
     > God sees!
     > God knows!