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The Bread of Life -Part 3

September 4, 2016 Series: Behold the Lamb: The Gospel According to John

Scripture: John 6:60–71

I. The Many
     A. What they heard-bread of life, fulfillment of the OT prophesies, approved by the Father, to do the will of the Father, eternal life
     B. What they said- this is a hard saying, who can understand, more than intellectual commitment
     C. What they did- grumbled, discontent, complaining, they turned back, ceased following, no longer walked with Him
II. The Twelve
     A. The commitment- what alternatives are there?
     B. The affirmation- You are the One
III. The One
     A. One of the Twelve
     B. One who would betray
Next Steps:
Questions to ask as we examine our hearts...when we behold the Lamb
     > Do I hear His words clearly?
     > Do I acknowledge the seriousness of my sin?
     > Do I believe in the sufficiency of His death for the atonement of my sin and eternal life?
     > Do I continually feed on God's Word, or, is my life a facade?
     > Do I pursue the 'hard sayings' of Christ, or, do I walk away?

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