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The Bread of Life -Part 2

August 28, 2016 Series: Behold the Lamb: The Gospel According to John

Scripture: John 6:22–6:59

The day after the miracles in the synagogue.
Truly, truly... 26,32,47,53- confirming, emphasizing the trustworthiness of what was saying.
I. The Bread is given by Jesus (26-27)
     A. It is spiritual bread - it endures, lasts eternally
     B. It cannot be earned.
     C. It must be believed (29...Exodus 16)
II. The Bread comes from the Father (32-33)
     A. The Father has sent the Bread
     B. The Bread came to do the will of the Father (38-40) He would go to the cross for my sin, take the wrath of God in full, and give us His righteousness & eternal life.
III. The Bread is Jesus Himself (47)
     A. Believe in the Bread is life
IV. The Bread must be continually eaten (50)
     A. What feeding is NOT: Cannabalism, the Lord's Supper
     B. Feed on the Bread. Olympic food eating regimen that provides fuel for contests.
Next Steps:
Check your response to the Bread of Life:
     > Grumbling (murmuring, discontent)
     > Disputing (bitter, conflict) They failed to see the spiritual significance of the passage--27.
     > Feeding - delight in Jesus, be full of Him, a heart-delight in all that He stands for.

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