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Confess Your Sins to One Another, & Pray for One Another

June 5, 2016 Series: One Another

Scripture: James 5:12–5:18

Five Essentials for fruitful, one another relationships
I. Truthful Communication (12)
II. Individual Responsibility (13)
     A. Pray
     B. Praise (psalm it!)
No matter the circumstance, we are to be God-centered.
III. Leadership Involvement (14-15)
     A. The Malady (weakness either physically or spiritually)
     B. The Remedy (oil & prayer)
IV. Agree on Biblical Truth (16)
V. Pray for One Another (16)
Next Steps:
     > Create opportunities (or take advantage of existing ones) to honestly, candidly, and spiritually communicate with one another.
     > Regularly pray through the Bethel Bible Church directory.
     > Celebrate, honor, and apply the Gospel to ALL of our One Another relationships.