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Show Hospitality to One Another & Clothe Yourselves with Humility

May 29, 2016 Series: One Another

Scripture: 1 Peter 4:9–4:9, 1 Peter 5:5–5:5

Ephesians 5:1-2. Jesus our servant example.
Philippians 2:1-4. Jesus our mental example.
I. What does hospitality mean? To love a stranger. Kindness of an outsider.
II. To whom should we be hospitable?
     The most strategic turf to engage with invite them to dinner. Leviticus 19:33-34 kindness to strangers and love him as yourself. Hebrews 13:1-2. Love one another but also strangers, those outside of your comfort zone! Matthew 5.
III. How do we show hospitality in a God-honoring way?
     Not about showing our homes but about sharing our hearts. Without grumbling, 1 Timothy 2; Titus 1. Elders should lead the way. Parents Romans 12:1-2, 13- practice, given to, seek to show- preoccupied with the idea that somehow I am going to be hospitable. Not a measurement of how gifted we are. Demonstrates that heat Holy Spirit is working in us.
Next Steps:
     > Begin! The next step begins with the first step. Prayer?
     > Parents: say yes as many times as possible.
     > There are no guests or strangers; there are no hosts; just people sharing their heart and home.
     > Develop the art of conversation.
     > Enjoy the blessings of hospitality.

Clothe Ourselves with Humility Toward One Another
I. What is humility?
     The Description- literally: "mind" "lowliness" Christ and his ethics are required to low-mindedness a Christian virtue.
     Humility puts others first, more worthy of attention than your own.
II. Who is to be humble?
     The depth- ALL of you!
III. How does one be humble?
     A. The exhortation- clothe yourselves
     B. The example- John 13:1-5
III. Why be humble?
     The dilemma-
     A. The precarious position of the proud: armies of heaven are arranged against them.
     B. The precious promises to the humble: he gives grace and favor.
Next Steps:
     > Preach to yourself the Gospel every day! Romans 8:1; my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness! When I survey the wondrous cross. Books to read: a gospel primer by Milton Vincent; Humility: True Greatness by CJ Mahaney
     > Obediently seek out one another ministry. Prepare, serve, provide