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Your God Reigns!

March 13, 2016 Pastor: Matthew Hoskinson Series: Missions Conference '16: Beautiful Feet Bring Good News

Scripture: Isaiah 52:7–12

Consider the legend of the Battle of Marathon. In our passage, we see that Zion is awaiting news from a decisive battle. One messenger with a spring in his step. The concept connected with the words, "Beautiful Feet" -- the irony here because the beauty is not in the feet but because of the message -- we delight to see the messenger of peace!

The Lord's victory over their enemies! Not merely a military victory but a divine victory. Comforted- cared for, Redeem- Next of kin stepping in, Ruth and Boaz come to mind.
They see it with their own eyes! They see the Lord coming back, good news and true news!
Your God Reigns!! No need to fear your enemy, no need to fear, no need for anxiety.

Three characteristics of God's Reign
     1. Peace- more than warm and fuzzies, not just objective cessation of hostilities--both are under the larger canopy called shalom (wholeness, everything is right, as it should be)
     2. Goodness- good tidings, nothing bad about God's reign, creation- God saw each aspect and said it was good. When God reigns, all is as it should be. Announcing the Restoration of Eden.
     3. Salvation- nothing can ultimately harm God's people in God's kingdom.
Verse 11- Depart, depart- referring the the Exodus from Egypt.
Verse 12- reminiscent of the fire and cloudy pillar
What future deliverance is Isaiah referring to?
Future deliverance from Babylon? Hezekiah: I'm glad God saved me out of that, I am going to hedge bets this time. Babylon discussion ends in chapter 48. People are not in Jerusalem. Walls burned down. Not referring to the future deliverance from Babylon.
Future deliverance: message as a metaphor to describe a coming deliverance. Indicated by "ruins" in verse 9. Isaiah doesn't intend a physical deliverance but something more significant. Addressing their failure to believe God. The "ruins" refere to the ruins of the human heart. What hope do we have? We are just like Hezekiah. We thank Him and then hedge our bets. We say thanks God and then go back to what I was doing before.
What do I do? You want to see how I redeem broken people? Verse 13- see, my Servant! Then chapter 53. God saves our ruined lives through His Servant, Jesus. Nothing can separate you from the love of God in Christ! The Gospel transforms us! You in the midst of other people.

The Gospel makes us a holy community.
     1. Marked by a holy presence. Holy enclave. There is no where we can go from His presence. Coral Deo (before the face of God)
     2. Marked by holy ethics. We treat one another and act as God is present-- because He is. We are the one's forgetting. 2 Corinthians 6:16-17- connecting presence and ethics. Changes the way we interact. My only hope is that Jesus saved me and I am able to be gracious.
     3. Marked by a holy message. Moved from spiritual predicative realm to actual- Romans 10:14-15. A holy community that is turned outward to run with Good News! There is Good News the one true God reigns!


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