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March 6, 2016 Pastor: Justin Hutts Series: Missions Conference '16: Beautiful Feet Bring Good News

Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:12–17

He puts us in situations where we see how desperate we are, but also how glorious God is.
What does it look like to be overwhelmed by God?
I. Overwhelmed with Thanks (12-14)
God redirected his faith and future. He saw the deep stains of sin, but the grace of God was deeper still! He reflects on His unglamorous past, and delights in Christ's grace and forgiveness to him. We often make an unthankfulness list (fellowship starved, my faith is mimicking this dry and thirsty land), rather than dwell in gratitude and all that God is doing. Thankfulness is the greatest remedy for when we are overwhelmed with the world. So thankful for how He changing me!

II. Overwhelmed by your Salvation (15)
Paul measured Himself on the right scale, he compared Himself to Christ. He saw his need and his forgiveness in Christ. Champion of the grave, so that God could save me from myself and my sin.

III. Overwhelmed by Mercy (16)
God loves changing people, it is His job and His joy! People that don't change are perfect or disobedient...which are you? Mercy multiplies mercy. The most unlikely people can and do believe. Don't belittle the mercy of God...people, attitudes, vices...can be changed! It is God's joy and job to change us! We should not be comfortable where we are at, but constantly changing to be like Jesus. In what ways are we parading the mercies of God to others?

IV. Overwhelmed with Praise (17)
The king of past, present, future! Paul sees all through new eyes because God is working in and through him.
Revelation 5!

Reflection & Application:
Spend some time in prayer thanking God.
What areas of your life do you struggl eto be thankful?
How does thankfulness change your view of circumstances, even difficult ones?
What does it look like to rehearse the gospel to yourself everyday? Why is it so important to be reminded of the gospel so often?
What is the mercy of God? How have you expereinced the mercy of God?
When was a time when you were overwhelmed by God?
What about God's working in your past, present, or future marvel you?
Ask the Lord to reveal one sin pattern that needs to change. Write it down and then take steps to change putting off this sin and putting on the truth of Scripture. Rehearse the Gospel message every day this week. Remember, you are a great sinner but Jesus is a greater Savior!

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