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How to be Assured of Continual Spiritual Growth!

February 21, 2016 Pastor: Dr. Wayne Vanderwier

Scripture: Psalm 73:1–73:28

I. Trust the continuing goodness of God to the "pure of heart" (1)
     > "Pure in heart" What does it mean? A single-heartedness and devotion to the Lord, spiritual integrity, true righteousness
II. Recognize the sinful tendency to be envious of the prosperity of the wicked (2-14)
     > Looks like they've "got it all" (4-9, 11-12) Others have so much cool stuff, and I don't have that stuff cause I'm a Christian.
     > Sounds like they're influencing God's people (10)
     > Is it worth it to live a holy life and serve God? (13-14)

Is Asaph talking to himself? Do you talk to yourself?
The real question is: Are you telling yourself the truth? (What is truth? Where is truth to be found?)

III. Purpose to be in the places where God can speak to you (15-17)
     It is wearisome to try to live in the here and now but then I went into the sanctuary of God (where the presence of God resided)
     > Where? "The sanctuary of God" Focus was recalibrated and I started thinking about there and then stuff.
     > When? Daily/weekly/occasionally/ frequently!
     > What sources? Church/retreats/conferences/media, etc.
VI. Develop a biblical perspective on lost people around you (18-20)
     When see God right, I see the world right. Not envy, but pity!
V. Draw near to God (21-28)
     How do you evaluate your life? Godless and brutish like a beast. Rather...what more do I need than God? What more does anyone need? I should tell others!
     Make a commitment! Ask yourself, "Where is my focus today?" Is it the down here and below stuff or is it on God?
     Conclusion: Find your contentment and confidence in God alone!