Bethel Bible Church is once again a Drop-off location for Operation Christmas Child.  Click here for specific dates and times.   

We are still providing two separate Sunday morning worship services to accomodate Covid-19 guidelines.  We have our traditional 9:15 am service along with an 11:15 am service.  We are also able to transmit each Sunday morning worship service to the parking lot.  

The Testimony of the Light of Christmas

December 27, 2015 Series: The Light of Christmas

Scripture: John 1:19–1:34

I. The Messenger before the Light (19-28)
     A. Who the messenger is NOT!
          1. Not the Messiah!
          2. Not Elijah!
          3. Not the Prophet!
     B. Who the Messenger IS!
          1. The announcer of the True Light
          2. The adorer of the True Light
II. The Message of the Light (29-34)
     A. Jesus is the Lamb of God
     B. Jesus is the sin-bearer
     C. Jesus is the Spirit sender
     D. Jesus is The Son of God
Next Steps:
     > Believe the testimony of John the Baptist, or, reject it -- there is NO middle ground. (John 3:16-19)
     > Affirm the essence of the Gospel with your words, your actions, and your attitude.

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