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End Time, Exile Leading

December 6, 2015 Series: 1 Peter: Exiled Faith

Scripture: 1 Peter 5:1–1:5

I. The Exhorter/Leader v. 1
     Peter – the fellow-elder
     Peter – the witness
     Peter – the partaker
II. The Specific Exhortation to Lead v. 2
     A. Shepherd
     B. Oversee
III. The Exercise of Leadership v. 2-3
     A. How NOT to Shepherd
          1. Not under compulsion
          2. Not for shameful gain
          3. Not domineering
     B. How TO Shepherd
          1. Willingly
          2. Eagerly
          3. Exemplary
IV. The End of Leadership v. 4
     A. The Chief Shepherd Returns
     B. The Chief Shepherd Rewards
Next Steps:
V. The General Exhortation in response to Leadership v. 5
     ◊ Young People – be submissive
     ◊ All of us – be clothed with humility

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