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Sorrow to the Point of Depression

November 15, 2015 Pastor: Mark Soto

Scripture: Psalm 13:1–6

Have you ever felt sorrow to the point of depression?
Luke 22:45 "sleep of sorrow" --> Psalm 13

This is a Lament Psalm.
David's pain came from a sense that God had left him. Isaiah 49. God hadn't but David felt that He had. Have you ever thought that your perspective on reality is inadequate? When we get the proper perspective we see his triumphant trust. But God! Trust in God's mercy (hesed-covenant love for His people). David is going to have to fix his eyes on the hesed of God! David was moved to sing! Parallels are seen in Psalm 22 & 23. Mercy came running after me!
Your sorrow does not have to consume you, you are not alone. God does hear you and you matter to Him.