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Honoring Christ as Holy

November 8, 2015 Series: 1 Peter: Exiled Faith

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:8–3:17

1 Peter 3:8-17
Isaiah 8:11-15

I. Honoring Christ in His Church (8)
     A. Harmonious - like-mindedness, unity of purpose, a symphony or orchestra, giving of            one's self to others.
     B. Sympathetic - suffering together, rejoicing together, compassionate and caring
     C. Brotherly Love - same Lord over everyone, spiritual siblings
     D. Kindhearted -
     E. Humble - consider others more than ourselves, submissive to authority and to one              another
II. Honoring Christ in His Calling (9-12)
     A. Responding Supernaturally
     B. Responding Graciously
III. Honor Christ in His Command (13-17)
     A. Willing to suffer, even for doing good.
     B. Having hope in God
     C. Having peace in God
     D. Being prepared to defend your faith with gentleness and respect
     E. Having a good conscience
Next Steps:
     > Honoring Christ in your home. The Gospel changes how we interact in our family relationships
     > Honor Christ in your church. Do you love one another so much that you care for one another?
     > Honor Christ in your community. Christ in my heart as I respond to people around me. Doing an act of grace.
     > Honor Christ in your LIFE Group

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