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Living Right in a Wrong World - Part II

November 1, 2015 Series: 1 Peter: Exiled Faith

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:1–7

1 Peter 3:1-7
I. Living Right as a Sojourner (11-12)
II. Living Right as a Subject (13-17)
III. Living Right as a Servant (18-25)

     One Text -- Ephesians 5:21-28
     One Word -- "Likewise" like Christ in how he submitted to the will of His Father
     One Design -- Complementarian (

IV. Living Right as a Spouse (3:1-7)
     A. Wives (3:1-6)
          1. Behavior (1-2) submission is an inner quality of gentleness that affirms the leadership of the husband
          2. Beauty (3-4) adorning being the inner person of the heart
          3. Belief (5-6) hope in God
     B. Husbands (3:7)
          1. Responsibilities (submission to the needs & fears of his wife)
               a. Live in knowledge - do I listen and hear her perspective?
               b. Show honor - his authority is to be spent honoring his wife
          2. Reason - Co-Heirs of God's grace
          3. Results - so that prayers not hindered. God is not listening to you if you aren't listening to your wife.

Next Steps: Questions
     1. Are we partners or competitors?
     2. Are we helping each other become more spiritual?
     3. Are we depending on the externals or the internals? The artificial or the real?
     4. Do we understand each other better?
     5. Are we sensitive to each other's feelings and ideas, or taking each other for granted?
     6. Are we seeing God answer our prayers?
     7. Are we enriched because of our marriage, or robbing each other of God's blessing?

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