September 20, 2015

God's Glorious Restoration of Job

Series: Job: making sense of life at the foot of the cross Scripture: Job 42:7–17

I. The restoration of Job - privately (42:7-9)
     A. God's truth - God says Job is His servant. He said that what Job spoke was right.
     B. God's directive - God calls on Job to intercede for his friends. They had to make a sacrificial offering and ask Job to intercede for them.
     C. God's grace - These men obeyed by God's grace (humility). Job mediates by God's grace (still in his painful condition - nothing has changed for Job, other than his heart)
II. The restoration of Job - publicly (42:10-17)
     A. God's timing - Job's heart was right with God and others.
     B. God's blessing - everything doubled. Even children, ten more. Possessions can be destroyed and replaced, but human life cannot be. God's view on temporary and eternal things.

Great truths seen in the book of Job:
     > the awesome character of God (Isaiah 40)
     > As we suffer (not if):
          ~ we are to be steadfast like Job (James 5)
          ~ we may never know why. He doesn't owe us answers, but He gives us Himself.
     > God's grace is sufficient
          ~ to endure - God's grace enabled Paul to be content in weakness
          ~ to restore and to reconcile - Job forgave, prayed for, and loved those who had mistreated him
     > The encouragement of Romans 8:18 - For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. what we experience here in this life is temporary.

Next Steps: What did you learn?

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