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Expectations of God

June 14, 2015 Series: Job: making sense of life at the foot of the cross

Scripture: Job 11:1–14:22

Job 11-14
Three Cycles of Dialogue:
#1- Chapters 4-14
#2- Chapters 15-21
#3- Chapters 22-31

Zophar's First Speech: Job 11

I. Job - You are ungrateful! (11:1-6)
II. Job - You are uniformed! (11:7-12)
III. Job - You are unrepentant! (11:13-20)

Job's Response to Zophar: Job 12-14

I. God is incredible (12)
II. Job is innocent (13)
III. Job is indigent (14)

Next Steps: What are we learning from Job?
     1) Be wise! Don't put God in a box!
     2) Be real! Understand we live in a sin-cursed world! (Romans 1:28-32)
     3) Be discerning! Don't be carried about by every wind of doctrine! (Ephesians 4)
     4) Be steadfast! God has His purposes for His glory!

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