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Is Perception Reality?

June 7, 2015 Series: Job: making sense of life at the foot of the cross

Scripture: Job 8:1–10:22

Throughout the book of Job don't forget: the character of Job, the trauma of Job, and the glory of God.

Three Cycles of Dialogue:
     #1- Chapters 4-14
     #2- Chapters 15-21
     #3- Chapters 22-31

Bildad's First Speech:

I. Bildad's Defense of God's Justice (8:1-7)
II. Bildad's Depiction of Tradition (8:8-10)
III. Bildad's Descriptions from Nature (8:11-19)
     A. Papyrus plant (11-13)
     B. Spiders (14-15)
     C. Gardens (16-19)
IV. Bildad's Deluded Offer of Hope (8:20-22)

Job's First Response to Bildad: Job 9:1-10:22
Job's Response through Questions:

How can I be right with God? (9:1-3)
How can I comprehend God? (9:4-13)
How can I argue with God? (9:14-35) (drop the case, wash myself pure, I need a mediator)
Why is God against me? (10:1-3)
Why does God watch me? (10:4-7)
Why did God make me? (10:8-17)
Why does God give me life? (10:18-22)

Next Steps:
     > Trust the unfailing love of the heart of God, even when you can't make sense of His hand.
     > Confidently rest in the perfect advocate of your soul. Romans 8:24-30 / 1 Timothy 2:5,6

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