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Speaking Truth Without Love

May 31, 2015 Series: Job: making sense of life at the foot of the cross

Scripture: Job 4:1–7:21

Three Cycles of Dialogue:
     #1 - Chapters 4-14
     #2 - Chapters 15-21
     #3 - Chapters 22-31

don't forget...the character of Job, the trauma of Job, and the glory of God.

Eliphaz's First Speech:
     I. Eliphaz's Introduction (1-4)
     II. Eliphaz's Indictment (4:5-11)
     III. Eliphaz's Institution - basis and observations for his arguments (4:12-5:7)
     IV. Eliphaz's Instigation - you're not submitting to God like you ought (5:8-16)
     V. Eliphaz's Insight (5:17-27) (blind man in John 9)

Job's First Reply to Eliphaz:
     I. Job is irrate with his friends (6:1-30)
     II. Job implores God (7:1-21)

Next Steps:
     > Think before you speak!
Always remind yourself of the incredible power or words. Proverbs 25:11
     > Carefully note and consider the context of Ephesians 4:15. Evidencing the sanctifying work of the Spirit in our lives.

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