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The Captain of Our Salvation!

April 6, 2014 Series: Jesus...the anchor of our soul!

Scripture: Hebrews 2:5–2:18

I. The Purpose of the Captain (5-8)
     A. Man's Purpose
     B. Man's Problem - sin
     C. Man's Provision - salvation
II. The Provision of the Captain (9-18)
     A. Humility (9a)
     B. Death (9b)
     C. Leader (10)
     D. Brother (11-13) (Psalm 22)
     E. Destroyer (14)
     F. Deliverer (15) It Is Not Death to Die
     G. Jewish (16) Showing the redemptive thread throughout Scripture!
     H. High Priest (17a)
     I. Substitute (17b) (propitiation-satisfying the wrath of God)
     J. Able (18)


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