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The Light of Christmas IS Jesus Christ

December 22, 2013 Series: Christmas Light!

Scripture: John 1:1–1:18


I. The Eternal Light (1,2)
II. The Omnipotent Light (3; Col 1:16)
III. The Living Light (4)
IV. The Unconquerable Light (5)
V. The Truthful Light (9)
VI. The Authoritative Light (12,13)
VII. The Incarnate Light (14)
VIII. The Glorious Light (14-17)
IX. The Revealing Light (18)

Next Steps:
>Receive the Light! (John 12:46)
>Follow the Light! (John 8:12) "possible because of all of the relentless little moments of transforming grace throughout your day"
>Live as Light! (Ephesians 5:8)

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