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Three Responses to the Light of the Star

December 8, 2013 Series: Christmas Light!

Scripture: Matthew 2:1–2:23

Christmas Light: Matthew 2

I. Adoration of the Magi
      A. Recognized Christ's Authority
      B. Demonstrated Humility
      C. Expressed Joy (mega-joy!)
      D. Offered Gifts (suitable for a king!)
II. Anxiety of the Magistrate
     A. Acted with False Pretenses
     B. Spoke with Deceptive Motives
III. Apathy of the Moralists
     A. Possessed Biblical Knowledge
     B. Void of Personal Relationship

Next Steps:
     >Honestly assess the condition of your heart!
     >Humbly acknowledge the person of God. Humility or pride?
     >Unselfishly give up to enjoy the treasure of Christ!

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