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What Do You Pray About in the Midst of Darkness?

December 1, 2013 Series: Lamentations

Scripture: Lamentations 5:1–5:22

God's City -> God's Wrath -> God's Faithfulness -> The Grief & Pain of Sin -> In Adversity: PRAY!!
I. Remember! (1-18)
     A. Our Situation
          1. The homeless (2)
          2. The fatherless (3)
          3. The hungry (4,6,9,10)
          4. The shamed (7)
          5. The persecuted (5,8)
     B. Our Suffering
          1. The women
          2. The nobles (12)
          3. The men (13-14)
     C. Our Spirits
          1. The brokenhearted
          2. The humbled (17-18)
II. Restore! (19-21a)
     A. Your People
     B. Through Your Mercy
III. Renew! (21b-22)
     A. Your Glory
     B. Through Your Steadfast Love

Next Steps:
>The Hope in the Midst of Darkness is to honestly express our heart to God (1 Peter 5:7).
>The Hope in the Midst of Darkness is to humbly repent & to trust God (1 Peter 5:6).
>The Hope in the Midst of Darkness is to hold to the very character & nature of God!

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