We are still providing two different overflow options for worship on Sunday mornings, as well as the service being transmitted on FM 91.3 to the parking lot.  

Rejoicing in the Gospel

August 11, 2013 Series: 1 Thessalonians

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 1:2–1:10

I. Embracing the Gospel
     A. Loved & Chosen by God
     B. Hearing the Word
     C. Power & Conviction of the Spirit
Next Steps: Where is your name? (Rev. 20)

II. Evidencing the Gospel (sequence in Ephesians 2)
     A. Work of Faith
     B. Labor of Love
     C. Steadfastness of Hope
Next Steps:
Have you turned away from idols of your heart? Money, pride, power...
Is Jesus your Lord? Is he on the throne of your heart? What is your greatest expectation? What are you waiting for to happen?
God desires us to have, enjoy, & evidence faith, hope, & love.

III. Exemplifying the Gospel
     A. Imitators of godly living. Are we like our Father?
     B. Received the Word with affliction & joy
     C. Sounding forth their faith

Next Steps:
Who are you most like?
What "sound" does Pulaski County hear from BBC?

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