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We are still providing two separate Sunday morning worship services to accomodate Covid-19 guidelines.  We have our traditional 9:15 am service along with an 11:15 am service.  We are also able to transmit each Sunday morning worship service to the parking lot.  

BBC Core Values: Evangelism

July 28, 2013 Series: Bethel Bible Church Core Values

Reaching out Romans 1:16
eu - good
angelion - news
Good News

1. The CREATOR of the Gospel
     The PLAN of the Father: to redeem people for His glory!
2. The CHARACTER of the Gospel
     The PURPOSE of the Son.
3. The COMPLETER of the Gospel
     The POWER of the Spirit. Sealed, Guarantee.
4. The CONTENT of the Gospel. 
     Condemnation: Romans 3:20
     Justification: Romans 3:21-22
     Sanctification: growing in Christ
5. The COMMAND of the Gospel
     Matthew 28:19,20; Acts 1:8
     GO and make disciples
6. The CULMINATION of the Gospel
     Revelation 7:9-10; 22:1-3
     The Eternal Throne
     To Remember:
          Christ must be TREASURED above all things
          The GOSPEL must be announced to all nations
          REPRESENT Christ in words and actions


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