We are still providing two different overflow options for worship on Sunday mornings, as well as the service being transmitted on FM 91.3 to the parking lot.  

BBC Core Values: Exaltation

June 23, 2013 Series: Bethel Bible Church Core Values

Scripture: Psalm 95

Psalm 95
John 4:24, Philippians 1:19-21, Romans 12:1-2

1. The purpose of worship
     To the Lord
2. The process of worship
     Make joyful noise
3. The postures of worship
     Worship fall down
     Bow down
4. The perspectives of worship
     Acknowledge who He is
     Acknowledge who we are
The object of true worship is God in all His glory!
The place of true worship is in the heart!
The time of true worship is every day – continuously!
The method of true worship is in spirit and in truth!
Worship God with all your life! EVERY DAY AND IN EVERY WAY!

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