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Enemy No. 1

April 21, 2013 Series: Spiritual Warfare

Scripture: Ephesians 4:24–4:24

I. His Identity
     A. Created by God
     B. Angelic, spirit being
     C. Sinned and fell from Heaven
     D. Led other angelic beings in rebellion - demons
II. His Method of Operation
     A. In relation to God
          1. He slanders God
          2. He opposes God
          3. He counterfeits God
     B. In relation to the Nations
          1. He deceives them
          2. He controls them
     C. In relation to the unbeliever
          1. He blinds them
          2. He uses them
     D. In relation to the believer
          1. He accuses and slanders them
          2. He intimidates and influences them
          3. He throws his flaming darts at them
               a. lies
               b. anger
               c. stealing
               d. corrupt talk
               e. unforgiving spirit
                f. timidity
               g. pride
Next Steps:
     Remind yourself constantly about the truth of God’s Word!
     Wear the best clothes! Ephesians 4:24 & Titus 2:10