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His Name Shall Be Called...

December 23, 2012 Series: His Name Shall Be Called

Scripture: Isaiah 9:1–9:7

• The Prophecy of the Messiah v. 1,2
     A. Matthew 4:15-16

     B. Luke 1:78-79

• The Pleasure of the Messiah v. 3,4
     A. Like reapers of a great harvest

     B. Like soldiers after a great victory

     C. Like prisoners of war being released

• The Peace of the Messiah v. 5

• The Person of the Messiah v. 6,7
     A. Divine conception

     B. Divine choice

     C. Divine character

     D. Divine conduct

     E. Divine completion

Next Steps:

     • JESUS reminds us of our sin problem.

     • IMMANUEL reminds us that God has offered the solution to the sin problem.

     • “The child that is born and the son that is given” reminds us that God’s will is accomplished.

“The Gift has been given – receive it!”

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