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Proper Relationships

October 21, 2012 Series: The Pastoral Epistles

Scripture: 1 Timothy 5:1–5:16

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Introduction –

I. Proper Relationship to older men

Treat them as respected father.

II. Proper Relationship to younger men

Treat them as a brother.

III. Proper Relationship to older women

Treat them as a mother.

IV. Proper Relationship to younger women

Treat them as a sister.

V. Proper Relationship to widows

A. Categories of Widows

1. The Physical:

a. a widow with nothing

b. a widow with family

c. a widow who is older
d. a widow who is younger

2. The Spiritual:

a. Godly Widows

b. Straying Widows

c. Unbelieving Widows

B. Care of Widows

1. Physical family responsibilities

2. Church family responsibilities

Next Steps:

• Inventory your daily relationships. Who gets excluded from 1 Timothy 5:1? No One!

• Who needs to be cared for in your earthly family?

• Who needs to be cared for in your church family?

• A statement to our widows.

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