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July 29, 2012 Series: The Book of James

Scripture: James 5:13–5:20

I. Is Expressive v. 13

     A. To pray

     B. To sing

II. Is Submissive v. 14,15

     A. To the will of the Lord

     B. To the leadership of the church

III. Is Relational v. 16a

     A. Confess sins to one another

     B. Pray for one another

IV. Is Obedient v. 16b-18

     A. A righteous character
     B. An energetic prayer life

V. Is Involved v. 19-20

     A. Actively

     B. Compassionately

Use these questions as means of personal reflection
in your life as you review the book of James:

1. Am I becoming more and more patient in the testings of life?
2. Do I play with temptation or resist it from the start?
3. Do I find joy in obeying the Word of God, or do I merely study it and learn it?
4. Are there any prejudices that shackle me?
5. Am I able to control my tongue?
6. Am I a peacemaker rather than a troublemaker?

Do people come to me for spiritual wisdom?
7. Am I a friend of God or a friend of the world?
8. Do I make plans without considering the will of God?
9. Am I selfish when it comes to money?
Am I unfaithful in the paying of my bills?
10. Do I naturally depend on prayer when I find myself
in some kind of trouble?
11. Am I the kind of person others seek for prayer support?
12. What is my attitude toward the wandering brother?
Do I criticize and gossip, or do I seek to restore him in love?

Don’t just grow old—grow up! ~Warren Wiersbe~

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