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What Is Your Life?

July 15, 2012 Series: The Book of James

Scripture: James 4:13–5:6

I. The Reprimand of Arrogant Speaking 4:13-16
     A. An unbiblical view of life
         1. Plans
         2. Schedule
         3. Relationships
         4. Profit
    B. An unbiblical view of God ______________  
    C. A biblical view of life
        1. Fragile
        2. Brief
        3. Finite
    D. A biblical view of God
       1. God is sovereign of what we do
       2. God is sovereign of how long we live
II. The Reprimand of Arrogant Living 5:1-6
    A. The vanity of wealth
    B. The gaining of wealth
    C. The use of wealth
III. The Responsibility of Accurate Thinking 4:17
NEXT STEPS: “So speak and so act …”
      • In my life
      • In my family
      • In my work
      • In my leisure
      • In my finances

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