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The Importance of our Words

June 24, 2012 Series: The Book of James

Scripture: James 3:1–3:12

I. The Premise about the Tongue v. 1,2 Control of our words is evidence of our spiritual maturity.
II. The Portraits of the Tongue v. 3-8, 11-12
     1. The bit
     2. The rudder Lesson: though small, it controls much
     3. The fire
     4. The venomous animal Lesson: though small, it impacts much
     5. The spring
     6. The fig tree Lesson: though small, it exposes much
III. The Product of the Tongue v. 9,10 What comes out of my mouth indicates who is in control of my heart. Mark 7
Next Steps:
     Daily I need to be reminded that faith that works begins in my heart and mind. So, how can I be reminded of this every day? If I have been saved by grace then …
      God is my greatest joy.
      The Word (living & written) is my greatest thought.
      The Spirit is my greatest control.
      Start making these 12 words a regular part of your vocabulary. Please. Thank you. Forgive me. I love you. I’m praying for you. (Psalm 19:14 & Philippians 4:8)

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