We are now having one worship service on Sunday's, beginning at 9:15 am.  We have provided an overflow area to allow for more distancing, along with broadcasting our morning worship service to the parking lot via an FM transmitter.  Please contact the church office with any questions.    

The Hear and Now

June 3, 2012 Series: The Book of James

Scripture: James 1:18–1:27

I. The Implanted Word v. 18-21 “to save”
     A. Submissive Heart
     B. Transformed Life
II. The Impacted Word v. 22-25 “to sanctify”
     A. Hearing the Word
     B. Doing the Word
III. The Imparted Word v. 26-27 “to serve”
     A. Speech
     B. Service
     C. Separation
Next Steps:
     ï¾ A “hearer and a doer” is changed.
     ï¾ A “hearer and a doer” is Christ-like.
     ï¾ A “hearer and a doer” is committed.

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