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Man's Rebellion, God's Grace

April 15, 2012 Series: Genesis

Scripture: Genesis 11:1–11:9

Introduction –

• The Roots of Babel

• The Creation of man by God

• The Fall of man in the Garden of Eden

• The Judgment of Man in the Flood

• The Commandments of God

• The Rebellion of Babel

• Make for themselves a name

• Avoid being scattered

• The Results of Babel

• The confusion of language
• The dispersion on the earth

• The development of nations and cultures

• The emergence of races.

• The Redemption of God

• The Selection of a People

• The Sending of a Savior

• The Commissioning of His Church

• The Glory around the Throne

Next Steps:

• Our hearts are desperately wicked and rebellious before a holy God.

• Apart from God’s intervention we all perish.

• God’s name, not ours, will be eternally honored and praised.

• By God’s grace, He allows us to bear His name.


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