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The Epistle of James Overview

February 12, 2012 Series: The Book of James

I. Who wrote the book & when?
    James the half-brother of Jesus, a leader of the church in Jerusalem.
    Written in the middle AD 40’s.
II. To whom was the book written & why?
    Written to the scattered tribes of Israel
    Written as a practical exhortation to spiritual growth and maturity
III. Themes of the Book:
     A. Myth #1 – Trials Are Bad -Embrace the paradox -James is Rom. 3:1-5 in real time
     B. Myth #2 – Faith is What You Think -Faith without works is worthless -Your faith is demonstrated by your works
     C. Myth #3 – Religion is Personal -Faith that works is not isolated. -Faith that works cannot be compromised.
Next Steps:
     ï¾ Trials are good from the loving heart of a good God! Isaiah 40:10-14
     ï¾ Get busy living out your faith!
          o Begin with the vertical – Trust Christ, Bible study, and prayer
          o Proceed to the horizontal – physically get involved in a ministry at the church to serve God by serving others
          o Work for things that are eternal – remember Matthew 6:19-20
     ï¾ Holy living for the Lord requires wholly giving to the Lord!

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