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If you are an elected official or an appointed ministry leader, would you make it a priority to be present at this meeting?

Explore one of the big reasons why there are different views about "last things", get a general overview of the three major views, and check out some resources to explore this topic further.

As we near the end of the book of Ezekiel, we must talk about eschatology. So, over the next couple weeks, I intend to lay out some pointers for us to consider as a church as we talk about future events. This first article looks at "last things" from the angle of what the church has agreed upon.

There are some tough theological questions we must wrestle through when we come to the book of Joshua. Let's think biblically about some of them together.

Sometimes pivotal moments are triumphant while other times they are devastating. Regardless, Christians must soberly live with the future in view while being faithful to Jesus in the present.

Change and conflict are hard to deal with in this life. However, is there way to view these realities that would help us face them to glorify God?